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Welcome to Qbio - Quantitative Biology interest group @ CTBP


Seminars of interest


Feb 1--13: Visitor: Martin Weigt

Feb 11: Visitor: Faruck Morcos (Postdoc candidate)

seminar at 2pm

location: Urey 7130

Feb 17: Tom Butler (Postdoc candidate)

seminar at 2:30pm

The paradox of demographic noise: robust spatio-temporal pattern formation in fluctuation-driven ecosystems

location: Urey 7130

Feb 18: Visitor: Michael Lassig

seminar at 10am:  

Molecular fitness land- and seascapes

location: 7130 Urey Hall

Feb 19: Visitor: Susan Rosenberg

CTBP seminar at 1pm on adaptive evolution in bacteria

location: 3500 Pac Hall

Feb 22--26: Visitors: Dalai Yan and Laszio Csonka

informal lectures on osmolarity: Mon, Tues, Wed  11am-12:30pm at Urey 7130

seminar at 3pm, Wednesday Feb 24

A surprising role for Mg2+ accumulation in the control of thermotolerance in Salmonella

location: TBA

Research Activities

These are the main areas of current research in the group.

Microbial Physiology

Molecular and Synthetic Biology 

Group Activities