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Welcome to Qbio - Quantitative Biology interest group @ CTBP


Seminars of interest


Feb 22--26: Visitors: Dalai Yan and Laszio Csonka location: lab coffee area unless otherwise indicated

Monday Feb 22:

11am-12:30pm:  Laszlo's informal lecture on osmolarity response (Urey 7130)

lunch break

2-2:30pm: Dalai's old work on K+ and Glu during osmo stress   

3-3:30pm: Minsu's summary of microfluidic work

4-5pm:   Growth laws + Tony's work on growth in high osmolarity

Tuesday Feb 23:

9-9:30am:          Dalai's summary of chemostat work

10-10:30am:      Jilong's work on K+ probe

11am-12:30pm:  Laszlo's informal lecture on osmolarity (Urey 7130)

lunch break

2:30-3:30pm       Jilong's work on flow cell (approach to N-starvation)

4-5pm                Conghui's summary on effect of growth on the expression of catabolite genes

Wednesday Feb 24

9-10am              Peter & Hiro: N-upshift

11am-12:30pm:  Laszlo's informal lecture on osmolarity (Urey 7130)

3-4pm:  seminar by Laszlo   

A surprising role for Mg2+ accumulation in the control of thermotolerance in Salmonella

location: 1103 Muir

Thursday Feb 25

keep open for brainstorming

Research Activities

These are the main areas of current research in the group.

Microbial Physiology

Molecular and Synthetic Biology 

Group Activities