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== '''Announcements'''  ==
== '''Announcements'''  ==
=== Next group meeting<br>  ===
''When:'' Thursday Nov 19, 2009, at 2pm<br>
''Where:'' 7130 Urey Hall (as usual)<br>
''Speaker:'' '''Josh'''<br>
''Title:'' Inferring pool size and translation initiation rates from pulse labeling experiments <br>
=== Mediawiki updated<br>  ===
(June 25, 2009)<br>
Today, the mediawiki software has been updated.  If you experience any problems, please contact Bryan Lunt.<br>
=== [[Seminars of Interest|Seminars of interest]]<br>  ===
=== [[Seminars of Interest|Seminars of interest]]<br>  ===

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Welcome to Qbio - Quantitative Biology interest group @ CTBP


Seminars of interest

Research Activities

These are the main areas of current research in the group.

Microbial Physiology

Molecular and Synthetic Biology 

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