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(Next group meeting)
(Next group meeting)
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=== Next group meeting<br>  ===
=== Next group meeting<br>  ===
''When:''  Wednesday Juli 8, 2009, at 11am<br>
''When:''  Wednesday Juli 22, 2009, at 11am<br>
''Where:'' 7130 Urey Hall (as usual)<br>
''Where:'' 7130 Urey Hall (as usual)<br>
''Speaker:''  '''Zhongge Zhang'''<br>
''Speaker 1:''  '''Conghui You'''<br>
''Title:''  Tutorial: manipulating the chromosome<br>
''Title:''  Nitrogen limitation and lacZ expression <br>
''Speaker:''  '''David Erickson'''<br>
''Title:''  t.b.a.<br>
=== Mediawiki updated<br>  ===
=== Mediawiki updated<br>  ===

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Welcome to Qbio - Quantitative Biology interest group @ CTBP


Next group meeting

When: Wednesday Juli 22, 2009, at 11am
Where: 7130 Urey Hall (as usual)
Speaker 1: Conghui You
Title: Nitrogen limitation and lacZ expression
Speaker: David Erickson
Title: t.b.a.

Mediawiki updated

(June 25, 2009)
Today, the mediawiki software has been updated. If you experience any problems, please contact Bryan Lunt.

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