S21: Reading in Quantitative Physiology

Instructor: Karen Oegema & Terry Hwa;
Time: Friday 4 – 6pm
Location: offered synchronously via zoom [meeting id: 985 3044 9444]; 
authentication requires zoom login with ucsd domain name.
Course URL: this pagehttps://matisse.ucsd.edu/courses/s21-qphysiology
Prerequisite: interest in quantitative biology; consent of instructor

Course activity:

Date class activity assignment
W1 Fri,
Apr 2
Intro to microbiome
by Rachel Dutton [recording]
read ms #1: bacterial-fungal interaction, Pierce et al, Nat Microb. (2021).
W2 Fri,
Apr 9
Discussion of ms #1 [recording
W3 Fri,
Apr 16
Intro to heart development
by Debbie Yelon [recording]
read ms #2: tissue movement in the embryonic heart, Boselli et al, Development (2017).
W4 Fri,
Apr 26
Discussion of ms#2 [recording]
W5 Fri,
Apr 30
Dimensionality sensing and 3D migration by Stephanie Fraley
preview of the subject: Scott et al, BioRxiv (2020).  
W6 Fri,
May 7
continued discussion with Stephanie [recording] Franklin et al, Nature Comm (2020).
W7 Fri,
May 14
Effect of domestication on gut microbiota by Aspen Reese [recording] read ms #4: Reese et al, eLife (2021).
W8 Fri,
May 21
continue discussion with Aspen
W9 Fri,
May 28
prepare for group project
(no meeting)
W10 Fri,
Jun 4
present group project
(30 min per team including Q/A)