S19: Reading in Quantitative Physiology


Instructors: Terry Hwa; Urey 7222; phone: 4-7263; e-mail: 
Karen Oegema; CMM/E 3051; phone: 4-9714; e-mail: 
Time/Location: Friday 3 – 5pm; Urey Hall 6120
Course URL: this pagehttps://matisse.ucsd.edu/courses/s19-qbio-critical-reading
Prerequisite: interest in quantitative biology; consent of instructor

Guide to critical reading

Critical reading worksheet

Course activity:

Date class activity assignment
W1 Fri,
Apr 5
Intro to data-driven approach to modeling 3D cell migration by Stephanie Fraley read ms #1 on neutrophil polarization by Ku et al (Cell, 2012).
W2 Fri, Apr 12
discuss ms #1 with Stephanie
W3 Fri,
Apr 19
“Impact of Cardiac function on Cardiac Morphogenesis” by Debbie Yelon (ppt)
 read ms #2 on heart valve development by Heckel et al (Curr Biol, 2015).
W4 Fri,
Apr 26
discuss ms #2 with Debbie
W5 Fri,
May 3
Intro to gut function by Amir Zarrinpar
Supp reading: Review on gut microbiome
read ms #3 on the difficulty of using micro biome as a diagnostic agent by He et al (Nat Medicine, 2018).
W6 Fri,
May 10
Intro to the gut microbiome 
discuss ms #3 with Amir
W7 Fri,
May 17
Intro to cheese microbial community by Rachel Dutton read ms #4: genetic requirement for microbial interactions in communities; Morin et al (eLife, 2018).
W8 Fri,
May 24
discuss ms #4 with Rachel
W9 Fri,
May 31
no class — prepare for group presentation
W10 Fri,
June 7
group presentation