F20: QBIO Critical Reading (PHYS259A)

Instructor: Prof. Terry Hwa; e-mail: 
Time/Location: 3:30-5:30pm every Friday starting Oct 2, 2020
zoom link here 
Course URL: this pagehttp://matisse.ucsd.edu/courses/f20-qbio-critical-reading
Prerequisite: interest in quantitative biology; consent of instructor

Guide to critical reading

Critical reading worksheet

Course activity:

Date class activity assignment for the following week
W1 Fri, Oct 2 Intro to critical reading
[Intro to gene circuits]
study ms #1a: genetic toggle switch
or ms #1b: the repressilator 
(work through worksheet)
W2 Fri, Oct 9 evaluation of ms #1
pre-read ms #2:
cost of gene expression
Eames et al, Science (2012).
W3 Fri, Oct 16 Intro to ms #2
[intro to lab operon & catabolite repression]
study ms #2
(work through worksheet)
W4 Fri, Oct 23 group discussion: ms #2 report on ms #2
due Wed Oct 27
W5 Fri, Oct 30 Evaluation of  ms #2 pre-read ms #3:
Mitotic trigger wave
Chang and Ferrell, Nature (2013).
W6 Fri, Nov 6 Intro to ms #3
[note to trigger wave]
study ms #3
(work through worksheet)
W7 Fri, Nov 13 group discussion: ms #3 report on ms #3
due Wed Nov 18
W8 Fri, Nov 20 Evaluation of  ms #3 pre-read ms #4:
membrane voltage dynamics in moving mice, Marshall et al, Cell (2016).
W9 Wed, Nov 25(?) Intro to ms #4  study ms #4
  Fri, Nov 27 THANKSGIVING (no class)
 W10 Fri, Dec 4 group discussion: ms #4 report on ms#4 due Wed Dec 9
W11 Fri, Dec 11 Evaluation of ms #4