Institute for Theoretical Physics Program

StatisticalPhysics and Biological Information
Institute for Theoretical Physics, Santa Barbara
dates: January 16 - June 15, 2001
Coordinators: WalterFitch, Terence Hwa, LucaPeliti, Gary Stormo, ChaoTang

Weekly Schedule

The following is a working list of topics/speakers. The program will feature an extended lecture by an invited speaker in the morning to initiate thedaily discussion; the afternoons will be open for individual or small groupdiscussions, with possibly short, informal presentations by the long-term participants. Specifics of the weekly topics will depend on the availabilityof the speakers and will be updated regularly. Please consult the abstract & outline page for a more detailed account of the topics, and the daily schedule page for links to past and upcoming talks.

date topics invited speakers (* indicates accepted)
Jan 16 -- Jan 19 intro to molecular & evolution biology Hwa*, Stormo*, Wills*
Jan 22 -- Jan 26 sequence analysis I: mathematical and statistical aspects Altschul*, Bundschuh*, Dembo*
Jan 29 -- Feb 2 sequence analysis II: biological applications Borodovsky*, Gribskov*
Feb  5 -- Feb 9 RNA folding: structure & kinetics Isambert*, Schuster*, Stormo*, Tinoco*, Woodson*
Feb 12 -- Feb 16 protein folding I: kinetics Dill*, Eaton* , Finkelstein*, Jackson*, Onuchic*
Feb 19 -- Feb 23 protein folding II: structure & design Baker*, Doniach*, Mayo*, Sauer*, Shaknovich*
Feb 26 -- Mar 2 protein folding III: structure prediction Bryant*, Gerstein*, Levitt*, Rose*
Mar 5 -- Mar 9 genomics I: intron/exon, splicing, DNA motif finding Bafna*, Li*, Liu*, Stormo*
Mar 12 -- Mar 16 genomics II:  large scale organization, comparative genomic analysis Burge*, Green*, Rajewski*, Shapiro*
Mar 19 -- Mar 23 genomics III: protein-DNA/RNA interaction Lancet*, Kadonaga*, Pan*, Tor*, von Hippel*
Mar 26 -- Mar 30 network I: DNA microarray & gene expression analysis Alon*, DeRisi*, Notterman*, Stoughton*, Wold*
Apr 2 -- Apr 6 network II: elements of biological networks Brent*, Davidson*, Libchaber*, Ptashne*, Yanagida*
Apr 9 -- Apr 13 network III: protein circuits: signal transduction, chemotaxis Doyle*, Murray*, Shraiman*, Subramaniam*
Apr 16 -- Apr 20 network IV: gene circuits: regulation, development  Elowitz*, Endy*, Reinitz*, Savageau*
Apr 23 -- Apr 27 molecular evolution I: prebiotic evolution; in vitro molecular breeding Estell*, Fitch*, Gold*, Joyce, Lancet*
Apr 30 -- May 4 molecular evolution II: RNA world; genomic evolution Landweber*, Petrov*, Trifonov*, Unrau*
May 7 -- May 11 phylogeny I:  protein evolution; intro to phylogenetic tree Atchley*, Fitch*, Hillis*, Holmes*, Wagner*
May 14 -- May 18 phylogeny II:  multiple alignment and tree building and tree statistics  Dyson*, Higgs*, Kluge*, Pagel*, Sankoff*
May 21 -- May 25 phylogeny III: beyond tree: horizontal transfer and evolution networks Boore*, Dress*, Fitch*, Frazer*
May 28 -- June 1 population  genetics I: viral and bacteria evolution, adaptation Chao*, Koonin*, Levine*
June 4 -- June 8 population genetics II: sexual reproduction and speciation  Hammerstein*, Kondrashov*, Ohta*, Thaler*
June 11 -- June 15 population genetics III: multi-species community, symbiosis, foodweb  Ostling*, Nisbet*, Rosenzweig*, Kardar*

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